University of Oklahoma – Norman, Oklahoma

Graduated in May 2017 – Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Major – Public Relations

Minors – Sports Management & International Studies

Writing for the Mass Media

Introduction to journalistic writing: the expository and persuasive formats; supervised practice in writing for the print, broadcast and photographic media; study of professional demands of organizing and presenting information in the various media.

Introduction to Public Relations

The history, scope, ethics and functions of public relations. Particular attention given to ways of gaining public support for an activity, cause, movement or institution.

Public Relations Writing

Fundamentals and practice in preparation of public relations copy for various media and channels, including news and feature stories, photo captions, public service broadcasts and telecasts, viewbooks, annual reports, plans-programs memos, speeches, letters and direct mail materials.

Global Public Relations

A survey of public relations around the world. Presentations from public relations professionals from Brazil, Australia, China, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

Social Media Marketing

Crisis Communication

Examine strategic communication practices throughout the three stages of a crisis event. Special emphasis is placed on crisis planning, media relationships, image restoration, ethical responses, and organizational learning.

Survey of Electronic Media

Conceptual overview of electronic media in both the national and international contexts. Course covers technology, history, ethics, regulation, programming, diversity, advertising, management and production.

Digital Design

Public Relations Research Methods

To build skills in the use of various public relations research methodologies available for exploratory, evaluation, and management assessment of programs. Conducted in person surveys, evaluated output data via Qualtrics, conducted focus groups and personal interviews.

Public Relations Publications

Planning, writing and producing company and institution magazines with special emphasis on design, layout and content.

Mass Communication Law

Examines the principles by which the mass media exercise their public functions and fulfill the mission of the First Amendment. Areas studied include: the right to know, truth and fairness, responsibility, libel, privilege, fair comment, privacy, contempt, copyright, regulation of advertising and the rules, regulations and industry codes which affect the broadcast media.

Public Relations Campaigns

Detailed analysis of current case studies in the planning, execution and evaluation of public relations programs and projects, including practical work in the field. Emphasis given to fact finding, researching publics, setting objectives, planning the program/project, execution and evaluation.

Minor: Sports Management

Introduction to Management

A survey course covering the fundamental processes of management in terms of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in an organization.

Introduction to Marketing

This course for non-Business majors explores real-world business marketing trends, principles, terminologies and issues.

Principals of Microeconomics

Goals, incentives and allocation of resources resulting from economic behavior with applications and illustrations from current issues: operation of markets for goods, services and factors of production; the behavior of firms and industries in different types of competition and income distribution.

Organizational Management Professional Sports

What Makes a Team Work

Designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore and examine all factors relevant to functioning within a team. This is a course about both principles and applications. A unique focus on the collegiate student athlete experience will serve as a foundational element for the team concepts introduced and taught.

Sports Marketing & Management

This is an introduction to Sports Marketing Management designed to expose students to the concepts of collegiate sports marketing while giving a real world, behind the scenes exposure to managing a major college athletics department through the marketing side of the industry. This course will explore the real world issues in sports marketing and give the student the play-by-play with how the Oklahoma Athletics Marketing Department operates to achieve it's goals.

Licensing and Intellectual Property Management in Sports

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introductory view into the world of intellectual property and licensing in the sports industry. This information will be extremely useful in application for all areas of sports, where an understanding of the principles of intellectual property will assist in your understanding of the happenings within a department or professional organization.

Sports Logistics

The course is designed to teach principles in athletic department operations and leadership in sports administration.Instruction will emphasize on intercollegiate athletics and will deal with practical application.

Minor:  International Studies


An elementary course in understanding, speaking, reading and writing Italian.

World Music

Study of music and human culture focusing on tribal, folk, popular and oriental (non-Western) music. Several representative societies will be explored in depth. Field study, music-making projects, and analysis of live performances of ethnic music are included.

Modern Italy

Examines the formation of Italy as a nation -state, one of the most significant events in modern European history, particularly in light of colonialism and World War II.

Peoples of the World

The Epics of India